Thursday, November 25, 2010

LED bulb London: As Lighting

While talking about lighting, LEDs may be of great option to increase the attraction of lighting. We can use these LEDs in lighting up our house and Lawns as well. LEDs can be used in lighting on both the aspect Indoor LED Lighting and Outdoor LED Lighting. We will discuss about the places where we can use LEDs.

Staircase: You can use LEDs recessed lighting in the wall adjacent to staircase. Small round LED bulb London lights are perfect for staircase application. Use the lights in the wall, on a line midway between each stair nosing.

Hallway: Use recessed LED lighting in the wall near to the floor to provide feature lighting

Nursery: Use LED lighting in a nursery, to provide low level lighting that you can leave on during the night, being low illumination and low cost. Use the color blue for this application; it will create a serene lighting effect.

Floor: Use LED bulb London lighting recessed into the floor in any room to provide feature and guide lighting. Its cool running, you and the pets, can walk on it.

Bathroom: Use LED lighting recessed into the bathroom floor which can provide deem lighting. In the walls to create mood lighting whilst you are reposing in the bath.

Wet room: Use LED lighting Recessed into the wall, to mark a vertical dividing line of the shower area from the rest of the wet room.