Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What To Do After An Accident?

It is always best to drive safe and be steady on the road, but accidents don’t come invited. However, in case you have met with one, it is important that you follow certain guidelines and take the right steps. In situations like this, it becomes quite hard to think about what to do next.  Clearing your mind will not only help the authorities resolve the issues faster but also come to a sensible conclusion. Here are the important steps to be taken by every driver in the UK if he/she is involved in an accident.

1. Determining Extent Of Injuries / Damages

The first step that you should take after an accident took place is that you should help the accident victims and determine the extent of their injury. While panic is obvious, it is best for both the injured and other persons involved in the accident to stay calm and seek immediate medical attention.

2. File A Report With The Police 

If the cops haven’t arrived yet, go to the nearest police station and get a case registered. It is important to report even the minor accidents to avoid legal consequences. Also, don’t try to leave from the site of accident until the police files the report and completes all the obligations. 

3. Discuss The Details Only With The Police 

Don’t divulge intricate details of the accident to anyone except the police personnel. Obviously, an accident site attracts a lot of crowd and everyone will be asking the same questions and some may even try to investigate you. But it is very important that you avoid talking to the public. This also includes not claiming or admitting any liability or fault. After the police gets to know the situation, the next people you should be talking to are your insurance company professional.

4. List The Facts 

Explaining the accident in detail requires you to list everything that has happened pre and post the accident. It is common to forget and misread but this is also why you need to keep a clear mind and do not entertain the crowd. Apart from the details of the accident, you also need to accurately place addresses, phone numbers, names and details of the people involved in the accident, car description, description of other events that led to the accident and facts. If you are planning to reimburse your insurance, providing the license plate number won’t suffice. Most insurance companies don’t even keep the record. You need to completely describe the vehicle in question. 

5. Call The Insurance Agent

After the medical investigation is done and police has been dealt with, it’s time to inspect the material damage. Call the insurance company to the accident scene. This will be quite helpful because the police officials will be in a better situation in providing the information. Also, calling the agent directly to the scene will save you a lot of time and money. 

Among the vast majority of the road accidents that happen in the United Kingdom, most of them are minor events and don’t result in casualties. However, there have been few misfortunate accidents where the loss is insurmountable. It is important that every resident or visitor in the UK understands the road safety rules. It is best to be prepared than to panic later on.