Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Accidents can be avoided using good quality headlights

With numbers of vehicles increasing on roads, cases of accidents are increasing as well. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to reach one’s destination and sometimes this excess hurry is causing accidents. Accidents are of various kinds. While some accidents have proved to be fatal, some of them cause grave injuries that take long to recover. Again there are cases of minor accidents leading to cuts and bruises.

Statistics of yearly accidents that took place in UK

Taking a look at the statistics of yearly accidents that took place in UK will surprise you to no extent. The data presented here is for the year 2013 (till September).

Total numbers of road casualties that took place in UK were 184,010. The numbers include all kinds of accidents – both severe and minor. When compared to the figures of last year 2012, the numbers of casualties dropped by 7%. In September 2012, the numbers of casualties were reported to be 197,700.

Talking of road accident deaths in UK, 1,730 people were reported to have lost their lives in road accidents in the country. Number of people who were severely injured in accidents and nearly lost their lives numbered to 23,380, which is a drop of 6% compared to 2012.

Between July and September 2013, 470 people have been killed in road accidents. The numbers remain unchanged from 2012. Rates of casualties dropped to 3-4%, when compared to the time frame in 2012.

Child casualties in road accidents in UK in 2013 dropped quite a bit. Almost 11% drop in rates of all kinds of casualties was seen till September 2013.

Road accident situations are improving, but with little awareness and alertness, the numbers can drop further.

Possible reasons that lead to road accidents in UK

There are innumerable factors that might lead to road accidents in UK. Some of the most common ones are follows:

Driver’s error or misjudgment 

This is probably the biggest reason for road accidents in UK. Going through road accident statistics can easily bring to notice that majority of the accidents took place due to driver’s mistakes. He could not judge the other car’s speed or path. Loss of control of the car also contributed to 34% road crashes in UK. The driver’s error of reaction has caused fatalities too. 

Reckless driving

This is a common cause of many road accidents. The driver might drive recklessly, not following traffic rules and exceeding speed limits leading to fatal accidents.

Driving under influence of narcotics and alcohol

Many drivers drive under influence of drugs and alcohol and cause disastrous accidents.

Good quality headlights can help in reducing the accident rate

Driving at night without proper headlights can cause grave road accidents. Therefore it is recommended to install good quality, high precision headlights in your vehicles to avoid road mishaps. LED headlights have become a popular choice with people as they provide perfect lighting as required. They do not hamper clarity of vision and are soft on the eyes. These lights might be expensive when compared to general headlights, but installing them will keep you protected while driving at night for sure.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buy High Performance LED Festoon Bulbs

LED light bulbs will one day replace the entire traditional light lamps which we are still using. Reasons are obvious; they come with a number of economic and environmental benefits. LED bulbs don’t use any type of luminary gas or filament. They generate three times more light than an ordinary bulb. LED lighting is based on a technology which uses diodes to generate light. A low voltage current is passed through the diode which causes light to emit. This emitted light doesn’t cause heat pollution because these bulbs don’t use any gas. 

Improvements in lighting technology, automotives and car headlights are continuously providing lots of new energy efficient sources. Online stores nowadays are offering LED bulbs which consume 90% percent less electricity than conventional car headlamps, and produce 3 times more light. An LED bulb which operates on 0.6 watt gives same light as a xenon bulb which operates on 7 watt. 

LED bulbs are now being used widely for residential and commercial use. The most recent breakthrough came when few years ago Chinese scientists mixed yellow and blue color in precise combination to produce white color. After that White LED lights were introduced in the markets in lots of sizes and shapes. Lighting companies joined the bandwagon by offering their own range of LED lights. These cost conscious and eco-friendly lights are now ruling over the automotive market. 

Future of LED

As this energy efficient lighting is spreading its feet rapidly, no doubt the future of LED lights is quite promising. Currently the price of LED bulbs is substantially higher than incandescent bulbs. But in the long run you can easily save money installing LED lights. LED Festoon Bulbs are used for upgrade in car interiors as these bulbs are reliable, durable and consume less power.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Random Automobile Industry Facts

Do you know how many cars are currently in use on Earth?

Do you know the number of parts an average car has?

This infographic brought to you by Auto LED Shop highlights some of the amazing facts about automobile industry.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Popular Car Headlights Of This Year Are Here

LED bulbs are 10 times more efficient than traditional light bulbs in converting energy into light. According to surveys carried out in UK, you can save around £240 a year. Although they are more expensive than traditional lamps but they require less electricity means less operation costs.