Monday, January 28, 2013

Various options to light up your vehicle

Lighting of the vehicles has come with various uses recently. The purpose of this lighting is not just to provide better visibility to the driver but also to make the vehicle look sophisticated. LED lighting is used mainly for aesthetic purpose and to differentiate different brands of vehicles. These are called LED Eyebrows or eyelids depending on whether these are put at top or bottom of the headlights. LED lights make best daytime running lights, brake lights and turn lights. LEDs can be manipulated easily making it possible to be produced in various shapes and sizes.

Xenon bulbs are one of the most efficient lighting systems for the car headlights. These produce very high amount of light imitating sunlight which makes them very efficient option. These lights contain xenon gas and provide much better visibility to the driver.  One disadvantage is that they produce a lot of glare which can be very uncomfortable for the incoming vehicles. HID Xenon kits and replacement HID bulbs are easily available at reasonable prices for your vehicle.