Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Modern Alternative

LED Light Bulbs are the modern alternative for automotive lighting. In comparison to the traditional lighting methods and bulbs LED lighting is very advanced.


Many vehicle manufacturers are shifting to new trends. Many new models of cars are incorporating the LED lighting systems and bulbs because they add that extra ‘glow’. Even if you have an old model, you can also get them fitted or put in as a replacement.

These Bulbs are easily available in shops and online. When you play with the thought of illuminating of your car, you can get a great idea of what you need for your car  and can even buy the bulbs from Auto Led Shop.

In this age, it is not that common that car owner’s tamper with the factory-fitted lights on their cars. The LED car bulbs are vibration resistant and only require 2w power which does not put any stress on the car battery or the car alternator. As many car owners will not know the meaning of my last sentence, we truly recommend you to head over to our website and see the visually stunning effects of Auto LED lighting.

Remember, your car or even a friend’s car will look great when it has been characterized and customized with proper lighting and illumination from our providers. So think about your Christmas shopping list or indeed your Christmas wish list and head over to our website.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

What will you choose? Xenon Bulbs or Halogen Bulbs.

Xenon headlight bulbs are getting more and more popular day by day. Nowadays, vehicle owners are buying and installing xenon headlight bulbs to obtain better light quality. These highly advanced and powerful light sources can be easily placed either inside or outside your car according to your requirement. 


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pay attention to head lamps

While buying a car, all of us look at the basic things – power of the engine, speed, number of gears etc. Do we pay enough attention to one of the most important parts of a car which is the head lamps? Head lights are important because safety of the driver and the passengers depend a big deal on them. If head lights do not provide a good visibility, not only the driving experience is bad but even the safety is compromised. Very bright lights can also lead to fatal accidents since they cause issue for the drivers coming from the opposite end.

Led Car Bulbs

Various options for the head lights having been raging a war on each other since a few years now. Halogen lights which are the most popular and inexpensive aren’t really efficient and thus cause a lot of fuel wastage. Xenon Headlight bulbs are a bit more expensive than halogens but give an amazing bright light. At the same time, it also causes the danger to the vehicle driving from the other end. These are more efficient than halogens but are less popular because of the new technology and high cost. There is the third category of light which LED. These have not made their path all the way up to head lamps. Because quick response and sharp lights, these are used as braking lights and day parking lights. LED’s are most commonly used as decorative lights on different brands of cars.

So, here you see the real battle of lights in terms of efficiency, cost and power.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Confusion over headlamps – Xenon or Halogens

Lewis lives in London and is owner of brand new SUV. He has always wanted to buy a big car so that he can go on long rides. Now, he has one. He wants to roam around a lot in that car and go for safari rides; go for really long trips on the mountains and beaches. But there is one thing that worries him. He had heard a lot about the new Xenon lights are available today and which give much better visibility than the current halogen lights. 

Confused as Lewis was, he decided to get himself educated on this. His SUV came with
Xenon Headlight Bulbshalogen bulbs, about which the salesman mentioned that these cheap and easy to replace and more over the life of halogen bulbs is really high. He believed him but now hearing about xenon lights, he was just curious so he hit the car workshops to understand the difference.

He was told what salesman told him was not wrong. Halogens are cheap and live longer. What he was not told was halogen also waste a lot of energy and is not efficient. Producing a lot of heat while incandescing, it loses all that heat thus leading to wastage of energy and more fuel consumption. He was advised to change the headlamps of his SUV to xenon. When he asked why, he was given a very clear reason – to save your fuel consumption and hence to save the environment.

Understanding the difference, Lewis did not make a second thought before replacing the halogens with the xenon lights.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Choose LED Lamps Over Traditional Light Bulbs?

There are numerous advantages of choosing LED bulbs over traditional light bulbs. LED bulbs can save your valuable money by saving energy. Visit AUTO LED SHOP and explore different kinds of LED lighting systems.

LED Lighting Systems


Monday, July 22, 2013

Every enthusiastic car lover loves LED's

If you are an enthusiastic car lover you would know how important the light are when it comes to enhancing your cars looks.

Cars are a significantly important part of our everyday life. Whether we drive ourselves, or are an occasional passenger, cars our involved in our daily routine.

Cars look great when they have been characterized and customised, with proper lighting and illumination from top providers. LED bulbs for cars come in different schemes of lighting, colours, and shades that will match and enhance the cars exterior. When they are panelled with smartly engineered circuits, it gives an incredible effect that will surely amaze passers-by.

The most important feature on your car that is often overlooked is the headlights, or more commonly known as the beams. Most of the features of a car light are gone unnoticed, as they are an essential they are not really looked at to be made customised. You can chose the popular neon and LED car bulbs which would not affect the required specs on a quality front.

There are several extraordinary features for Car LED lights, but some of the most important factors are the fact that LED bulbs have the tendency not to heat up, they have less energy consumption, and most importantly the light has a high definition and produces a rich beam that doesn’t blind you.

Car LED lights are available in different categories including LED sidelights, back and front lights and for decorative treatments. So choose your perfect lights from our website.


Monday, June 3, 2013

LED lighting is both versatile and an energy saver

It has often been called the ‘Lighting of the future’. But Led lighting is much more than that. Born out of a need to minimize the wastage of energy and reduce the carbon footprint, Led lights have come to replace neon and incandescent lights.

Initially, their output was very minimal, and they were not widely used. But as technology grew, LED began to find its application in many different devices and equipment. Low energy consumption, minimal maintenance and small size are the qualities that have made it so popular. In fact, Led lighting has been used in both public places such as trains and streets as well as in homes and vehicles.

Nowadays devices such as car light, headlight bulbs and auto bulbs, are all made of LED. LED is also used as a light source for many material and biological systems.

LED light bulbs are available in many different colors and shapes and suit a variety of purposes. This versatility of LED has made it the lighting of the future.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Headlamps – Halogen vs. Xenon vs. LED

Battle is on since a long time between different types of lights available for the headlamps of a vehicle. Halogen bulbs which are most commonly used to LED lights which can light up in very less time to Xenon lamps which are known for its power. This happens in every area where technology is used. New technology keeps making the existing one obsolete. And the lighting technology for vehicles is not exempt from this competition.

Halogen lamps have ruled the world of vehicle headlights since ages. Now it faces enough competition from other alternatives. Xenon lamps use Xenon gas to light up. These lights are extremely bright and give the driver a lot of advantage of viewing angle. Xenon lights are best in low beam because the brightness of these lights at high beam causes discomfort to the driver coming from opposite side and cause major accidents. Halogen lamps are losing the market because they aren’t as efficient as the Xenon lamps. Bi-xenon lamps are much more costlier than regular halogens but then they provide much more illumination as compared to halogens.

LED lights have also entered the market as a great alternative to halogens lights. But these LED lights aren’t as successful in replacing halogens from the market. LED needs very less power to work, so these are used highly in brake lights and parking lights. LEDs are also used as decorative lights and also to distinguish different brands of vehicles.

It is indeed very interesting to observer how a particular technology that was non-existing few years works its way into the market.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

For a specialists opinion choose AutoLEDshop

Auto LED Shop is the number one trading company and market leader for Led bulbs and Led lighting as well as Xenon bulbs.
Light-emitting Diode is a semiconductor light source, whichis used in many devices such as lamps and to upgrade cars sidelights. LED light bulbs are used for their brightness, lower energy consumption, and their advantage of being longer lasting.

We provide the LED bulbs and HID conversion kits, as well as our experience and expertise when customers purchase from us. As we have such a great technical understanding with all aspects of bulbs and installations, our customer service skills and after care as well as our prices are unbeatable.

LED bulb lighting is mainly added to cars for cosmetic reason, to make the car stand out and give it that racy, livelier look for a customised feel to your car. After all who wants to just stick to the ordinary. You could say in a way that LED lights are a cars decoration, especially if you get our fantastically designed LED number plate lamps. Nothing like putting a spotlight on things!

Halogen lamps are what are commonly used in headlamps but even these are soon to be replaced by Xenon bulbs and LED bulbs so get before the times and upgrade yours now. As this is our specialty, we have a huge range which we specifically source to provide our customers the best quality and most competitive price.

Do the smart thing today and upgrade with AutoLEDshop.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Different types of lights – battling for headlights

For most of us, our cars are our status symbol. They define the kind of lifestyle that we follow. They also define our status in society. So, for these reasons a fancy car means a lot to most of us. The question is what makes a care fancy? There are a number of things – speed, engine, looks, space, body, style and many other factors. One of the most important of these is looks and style. And lights play an important role in defining the style of a car. 

Many types of fancy LED lights are used as decoration on the cars. These are also used to distinguish one brand from the other. Decoration is only a part of usage of LED bulbs, the main use of lights in the headlamps. Halogen lamps are the commonest of the headlamps but they are soon being replaced by Xenon bulbs and LED bulbs. Xenon headlights are known to generate a lot of light and the lamp contains Xenon gas. These are much more efficient than the Halogen lamps and can reduce the accidents to a great extent because the amount of light it can generate. The only negative point is that they also produce a lot of glare, which can disturb the driver coming from the opposite side.

LED lights are usually used as brake lights or parking lights. They do not produce enough light to be the headlamps, but the biggest advantage of LED is that they need very low power to work and these do not generate much heat.

Choose the kind of headlamps you would prefer for your car, depending on the usage of your car.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Various options to light up your vehicle

Lighting of the vehicles has come with various uses recently. The purpose of this lighting is not just to provide better visibility to the driver but also to make the vehicle look sophisticated. LED lighting is used mainly for aesthetic purpose and to differentiate different brands of vehicles. These are called LED Eyebrows or eyelids depending on whether these are put at top or bottom of the headlights. LED lights make best daytime running lights, brake lights and turn lights. LEDs can be manipulated easily making it possible to be produced in various shapes and sizes.

Xenon bulbs are one of the most efficient lighting systems for the car headlights. These produce very high amount of light imitating sunlight which makes them very efficient option. These lights contain xenon gas and provide much better visibility to the driver.  One disadvantage is that they produce a lot of glare which can be very uncomfortable for the incoming vehicles. HID Xenon kits and replacement HID bulbs are easily available at reasonable prices for your vehicle.