Monday, June 3, 2013

LED lighting is both versatile and an energy saver

It has often been called the ‘Lighting of the future’. But Led lighting is much more than that. Born out of a need to minimize the wastage of energy and reduce the carbon footprint, Led lights have come to replace neon and incandescent lights.

Initially, their output was very minimal, and they were not widely used. But as technology grew, LED began to find its application in many different devices and equipment. Low energy consumption, minimal maintenance and small size are the qualities that have made it so popular. In fact, Led lighting has been used in both public places such as trains and streets as well as in homes and vehicles.

Nowadays devices such as car light, headlight bulbs and auto bulbs, are all made of LED. LED is also used as a light source for many material and biological systems.

LED light bulbs are available in many different colors and shapes and suit a variety of purposes. This versatility of LED has made it the lighting of the future.



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