Thursday, August 21, 2014

7 Popular Auto Styling Trends

The automobile industry has always been on the move with new products and designs being launched into the market every other day. In the light of the current situation, various unique auto styling trends have emerged involving an evolution in technology and demands. Technology has always been a driver in this industry. The new perspectives can be expected to emerge in the future. However, if you are looking to give your vehicle a “cool” look, here are some trends you need to get acquainted with.

LED technology

LED by far has brought the most revolutionary twists in automotive designs. While LED’s started as a basic add on, today it is being fluently integrated in the body design and lighting for creating eye catching models. LED’s no longer just form the decorative aspect of vehicles but are an advantageous integration for better road safety and interior lighting. Small LED bulbs arranged in clusters can produce a range of beams and the flexibility to add color to it makes it a “cool” tool. The technology has been used to create impressive Led headlights, taillights, signals, fog lights and decorative under car lighting. LEDs are also more energy efficient and the overall functional benefits outweigh the cost of initial installation.


Aerodynamic designs have long been associated with racing vehicles and of course air planes. But the technology is being introduced in everyday cars today. With diverse nature, aerodynamic car designs present a unique look to the vehicle and provide speed and added fuel efficiency to the vehicle. The changes as compared to the traditional design include lower seating, sharp and more inclined wings and subtle radius. Active vanes also improve the aerodynamics of modern cars.


A more legal aspect of car design, elements like softer front ends make accident impacts much less harmful. This would involve more space between the outer skin of the car and the core steel parts. Large front overhangs and raised hoods are common demand for the modern car customer. This also influences the use of a variety of vertical headlights in modern cars.


Modern customers also look for more convenience of seating and more room inside the vehicle. Today’s average cars are much wider and higher, creating a larger interior space with the use of technology. Roominess is also highlighted by creative use of interior lighting. Glass surfacing is more and sunroofs highlight the need for letting in light rather than making the vehicle more airy. 

Nature inspired designs

The mega trend in today’s car designs follow sustainability and are inspired by “natural elements”. While more of a technical aspect, designers are more influenced to create textures that are inspired by natural life. Air patterns and wind tunnels are presented in the body texture making it much more relevant for the Eco sensitive consumer. 


A car is considered to represent ones personality. As it is, volume, shape and color are inspired by general needs for personal expression. Customizations through trims, color and extensive option packages along with extensive use of accessories make the modern car. 

Electric drive

Electric drives are the most recent design and vehicle trend and constitute power train components that are flexibly routed with wired connections. 

Auto style trends are all about personalization and individual requirement for travel luxuries and conveniences. Designers continue to explore new models and their acceptability with the modern consumers. However, the points noted above represent the current status of the industry. 


Friday, August 8, 2014

Decorate Your Car With Cool LED Lights

With each passing year, LED lights are getting more popular among the car manufacturers. Most of the modern vehicles come fitted with cool LED headlights and taillights that not just add to the appeal of the model but also bring in several functional advantages. Style, reliability and price are the main factors that new car owners are looking for in the LED fitted models and car makers are coming up with newer hybrid lighting solutions at every instance. LEDs also give manufacturers the advantage to play with several unique styles and added with technologies like xenon projectors and rectangular lenses, the options are just enormous. One can already witness the technology in models like the Lexus LS 600h and Audi A8 and the lighting offers notable advantages over the traditional Xenon and halogen lights. If you are a potential car buyer, here’s why you should look into the LED options.

First and foremost, LEDs give the advantage of a higher beam and higher visibility in night, fog and other low light conditions. As opposed to single light fixtures found in traditional car lighting systems, LEDs form a cluster of several high intensity bulbs and emits a longer beam. As a result both the driver and other passengers on the road can spot an incoming vehicle from far and avoid any chances of accidents. Further, the advantage of colorful lighting also makes it easier to distinguish one vehicle from another in a heavy traffic condition during night.

As already said, LEDs look cooler on vehicles and you have a variety of design options for the same. LED headlights for cars come in a variety of color and design options and can make for a really interesting design. Also, different colored lights come in different materials.

1. Bright Blue LED: Gallium Arsenide
2. White LED: Yttrium aluminum garnet
3. Red and Infrared LED: Gallium Nitride

One need to check which type of LED is permitted in the region as there are plenty of rules and regulations for it. The buyer also has the option to choose between warm and cool white LEDs wherein the difference is about the temperature. Cool white LEDs are more fluorescent lights with temperature ranging between 5000 and 8000 Kelvin while the warm white LED option carries a temperature range of 2500-4000 Kelvin. LEDs in all cases present a cleaner beam and a more pleasant and cool look. LED headlights also differ in finishes and lens color and with different brightness options.

It’s true that a LED lighting system will cost more initially than the incandescent counterpart. However, vehicle owners can hope to save a lot more in the long run on maintenance and replacements. With a higher life, there is little need to worry about the comfortable intensity of your headlight/taillight beam for the next 10 years at least. While LEDs do have certain disadvantages, they are certainly a more motivating alternative than traditional car lighting systems. The demand for LED system have also led to manufacturers completely switch to this form of lighting.