Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Car Bulbs & Their Uses!


Whether you’re looking for a standard replacement or looking to upgrade your bulbs in your car, we have a comprehensive range of bulbs to suit everyone’s needs. Our selection of LEDs produces an intense light and uses less power than a traditional bulb. They last much longer and are designed to give you the utmost quality and performance in any condition.


Our standard replacement halogen bulbs are high quality, strictly legally e-marked bulbs. These bulbs are an advanced form of incandescent lamp. The filament is composed of ductile tungsten and located in a gas filled bulb just like a standard tungsten bulb. However the gas in a halogen bulb is at a higher pressure.
Whether you’re looking for a replacement of a blown bulb or want to simply upgrade your current bulb we have a wide selection of high quality bulbs. We can provide the latest version of your car bulbs according to your car fitting requirements. You may want to upgrade your bulbs to a Xenon bulb, alternatively you may want the maximum amount of light on the road whilst you are driving in the evening.
Unlike the conventional auto bulbs HID bulbs have no filament which is susceptible to vibration. Instead, there is a glass capsule in the centre of the bulb containing Xenon gas. Two metal electrodes sealed into the glass capsule enable a high voltage to arc across, igniting the Xenon gas which produces the light.
We have a comprehensive range of LED bulbs. Our upgraded LED bulbs are for use all around the car. Whether you want an LED bulb for your car’s Fog Lights, Sidelight’s, Indicator Lights, Side Indicator, Number Plate, Brake Lights, Tail Lights, Reversing Light, Rear Fog Light, High Level Brake Light, Interior Bulbs and Modules, BMW Angel Eye, Dashboard and Panel, we have the right one suited for your car, and also provide the same bulbs for a Motorcycle. Our bulbs give out intense light and are long lasting. 
We provide a range of LED wedge bulbs for interior and exterior use. Push fit automotive wedge bulbs are used for both internal and external applications for cars, bikes and vans. These give a very pure light in a variety of colours, and are used in various functions, such as sidelights, indicators, courtesy lights and more.
We provide a range of LED festoon bulbs for interior and exterior use. Festoon provides for easy plug-and-play installation. Commonly used for interior lights to replace the old festoon.
We have a range of error free CANBUS LED bulbs for interior and exterior use. CANBUS bulbs are completely error free so you don't have to worry about that annoyingly persistent error message on the dashboard. These kinds of LED light bulbs have a built-in CANBUS load resistors so they will not trigger an error or send out warning on dashboard.