Monday, January 19, 2015

10 Top Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting Today

Everyone knows the fundamentals and basic reasons for choosing LED lighting over any other traditional lighting. You can also find the financial and environmental benefits of switching to LED bulbs by simply browsing the internet. Here we are going to discuss few less known reasons of choosing LED lights.

1. Depending on the number of bulbs per strand, with LED lights you can run approximately 20 strands end to end. This saves you the number of 3 way splitters and extension cords. While using these lights at any occasion you don’t need to worry much about the extensions because you can accomplish the task using the extension cords you already have, you don’t need to buy extra. 

2. When installing large amount of lights in commercial setting, working with LED’s is a lot easier option compared to incandescent bulbs.

3.  Unlike incandescent bulbs LED lights are less likely to cause fire. If you are considering electrical safety and want more light than LED is the perfect choice.

4. They are made of extremely durable hard plastic so you don’t need to think twice while putting them on the ground. 

5. Unlike incandescent mini lights, LED’s don’t rust out of the socket when water gets into the socket. They are overall more durable than any other traditional lamp.

6. They don’t start to dim because of voltage drop. LED lights can accept a large range of voltage variation and are perfect choice for Christmas lighting as well.

7. LED lights are deeper, richer and more vivid; consumers like the blue LEDs a lot. They are made of diode so they don’t need to be dipped into paint to produce colors.

8. LED light bulbs help you reduce your carbon footprints.  

9. There are LED lamps for almost every occasion like Valentine’s Day, wedding light, Halloween lights etc.

10. They are easy to use, energy efficient and are replacing all the traditional lighting systems.