Thursday, January 14, 2016

LED Bulbs

It is quite amazing to think about how far technology has come in the last decade alone, our lives are constantly being enhanced by the development of technology. Even something as simple as a light bulb has undergone dramatic changes over the last ten years, as incandescent bulbs have slowly begun to fade under the brilliance of LED’s rays. 

Long gone are the days when two or three LED bulbs would burn-out on a car spoiler, and even the simplest single diode bulb lasts considerably longer and burns far brighter than its predecessors from just a few years ago. Everything from our televisions to our street lights are LED illuminated, and from the looks of things, more and more cars are going to be sporting massive LED-filled headlamps as this technology continues to trend. LED headlamps are getting better and more cars are getting them as industry finds its feet with the technology. According to Motor Trend, you'll notice several important differences in light produced by LEDs, Xenon and Halogen headlights. 

LEDs have the coolest colour temperature at around 6,000 Kelvin, which makes them appear whiter than daylight. Xenon headlights come in at around 4,500 K, while halogens round out the list at a yellowish 3,200 K. When it comes to reflection, LEDs offer better light return from road signs, while Xenon lamps better illuminate the sides of the road. In part, this is because Xenon lamps typically produce more light, measured in lumens, than LEDs. Both LEDs and Xenon provide a large pattern of light on the road, whereas Halogens offer a small pool of yellow light directly in front of the vehicle. If you're buying a new car, expect LED headlights to be the premium option. With reflectors and LEDs, you can create totally different styles, there is an obvious distinction between LED bulbs and others and for one its colour and brightness is much sharper and alternatively more effective. LED projector headlamps look similar to any other projector, like a Xenon projector, it is just a 60mm lens. You can style the lens, with LEDs you can do a rectangular lens, but they are still just lenses.