Saturday, June 18, 2016

15 Cheap Car Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

There’s a Tony Stark in each one of us! Well, over time and with experience, we all have come out with some easy solutions to our daily life problems. More of hacks, these solutions were never meant to be but they do have made our life easier. For car owners, we have these 15 unique hacks that might answer long standing problems and queries. Check them out!

1. Toothpaste to clean headlights 

Cleaning headlights has always been an issue, especially during the rainy season and after a bit of off-roading. Using a big brush, you can rub the toothpaste all over the plastic casing to remove the dust and the entire foggy glaze. This should make things pretty clean. 

2. Shoe for a cup holder 

Not all car owners are privileged to have a cup holder and even if they come, most are pretty small. If you are in the habit of having a big cuppa coffee or coke, you are in trouble. The normal cup holders in cars won’t hold more than 32 oz drinks. Well, for a deeper alternative, you can use a shoe! Deeper than the car’s cup holder, shoes will provide a heavier base and will be perfect for a longer drink! 

3. Staple remover to maneuver the key ring 

Adding extra keys to a car’s key ring can be tough. However, you can use a staple remover to make the process easier. 

4. Seat warmer for your pizza 

Have a pizza onboard but worried that it might cool down and you might have to put it in the oven again? Well, why not use your car’s seat warmer instead? While it won’t be able to keep your food steaming, it will definitely allow you to have a warm pizza when you get home. 

5. Nail polish to paint scratches 

A scratch on your car can be frustrating. Paining the whole car anew is again an expensive process. If the scratch isn’t too much, you might actually manage with the closest nail polish! Try it. 

6. Cereal container for trash can 

Worried about where to put the empty burger packets in your car? Well, don’t dump them under the seat. You might use an empty cereal container for a temporary trash can. 

7. Tinted plastic for shade 

Too much of sun? Try attaching tinted plastic sheets to the windshield to reduce the glow. The sheets automatically stick on the shield so there’s no messing around with cello tapes. 

8. Mesh bungie for overhead storage 

A lot of extra handy storage can be achieved by using a mesh bungie net on top of your head. At least, you can put in your books and jackets in there! 

9. East facing parking 

Having the first rays of the sun warm up your car in the morning will save you from the trouble of defrosting. 

10. Plunger for dents 

Plungers can be used successfully to clear out any small dent in the car body.

11. Hand sanitizers to de-ice keyholes 

For people in cooler climates, a hand sanitizer can be more about cleaning your hands! 

12. Boosting your car remote using your head! 

Now, this is really interesting. By putting up the remote against your chin, you can actually boost the range of the remote! 

13. Toothpaste for scuffs 

Scuffs, like headlight fog, can be well taken care of by toothpaste. 

14. Wet newspaper to peel off stickers 

We all have faced the problem of registration stickers becoming a part of your windshield. Well, you can wet a newspaper in warm water and place it against. After a while, everything will simply fall off in your palms! 

15. Shoe organizer in the backseat 

Shoe organizers placed in the back of the driver’s seat can take care of a lot of mess. 

Hope you have liked our hacks. If you are doing something else, please let us know!