Monday, February 24, 2014

The Revolution in Lighting brought about by Xenon and Led Bulbs

Today can we think about a world without electricity? Impossible! Electricity was perhaps the greatest invention in history. But here things have not stopped. There is research going on continuously and the invention of xenon bulbs has been another watershed in the history of electrical inventions. The use and application of xenon gas has brought about this change. The light of these bulbs are far brighter; the vision too is greatly improved. These bulbs are leaving behind the halogen bulbs in both respects – vision and brightness. The best part is that despite these betterments there is no increase in wattage consumption – it remains as before.

During the sixties decade led bulbs were first used in calculators. Since then led bulbs have travelled far. Led bulbs can flash all the colours of the rainbow and are indispensable parts of nearly all modern gadgets. The light is brighter than incandescent bulbs; the focus too is far improved as it is narrower. The entire lighting system has undergone a transformation in the sphere of functionality as well as aesthetics. Other new avenues are opening up. There is the hope that in near future these bulbs will be pre-programmed. It is hoped that merely by the touch of a button one can make changes.

At present these led bulbs are the best for indicating lights and for chargers in mobile phones. Is the light too bright for you? The use of filter coating can do the softening. These bulbs are durable; they are also environment friendly. Since the bulbs do not contain mercury the energy consumption is reduced. The bulbs immediately light up to its full capacity without the delay that happens in the case of previous bulbs. The plus point about using led lights as brake indicators is reduction in chances of accidents as the driver reacts faster than before. LCS television sets are now opting for led lights. Indoor plants get a kick to grow better if exposed to Led lights. The heat emanating from led lights is negligible. The whiter light spreads wider and this is certainly good news for night drivers. This white light is similar to daylight and thus the fatigue of the driver at night is reduced; hence improving their focus during elongated night journeys. The crisp white light is soothing aesthetically. These xenon bulbs can be used also as sidelights for vehicles. The wonder of xenon gas is a miracle in the world of photography as it is being applied to film projectors.

How to avail of these latest bulbs? It is no problem. You do not have to knock from shop to shop but just click on your computer and voila! At your finger tips you will see models of ultra-modern led car lights, latest headlight bulbs, led bulb, led bulbs, led light bulbs, xenon headlight bulbs and everything in the field of led lighting. So what are you waiting for? Try it out and tell your friends about the wonder that is xenon and led bulbs.   


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Popular Types of Car Headlights are Here... [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Light Up your Life with Xenon Bulbs

The debut of led and xenon bulbs is nothing short of a miracle. In the lighting world it is a kind of revolution – a watershed in history of advanced technology. This chemical compound named Xenon is without colour and smell. The noble gas is also heavy. XE is its symbol and 54 is its atomic number. This is the first noble gas that has undergone synthesizing. The use of xenon is now widespread among devices emitting light. Did you notice the light enveloping space shuttle Atlantis? It was xenon lights. In high pressure sodium lamps, xenon acts as starter gas. These bulbs last much longer and hardly require replacement. The vision is also clearer in comparison with halogen bulbs while the wattage consumption is not more but same. Durability and low wattage consumption are two plus points. 

All the colours of the rainbow can be projected by these bulbs; all modern gadgets use these nowadays. As a result incandescent bulbs are being edged out; fluorescent lamps are also seeing their days numbered. Xenon bulbs have combined aesthetics with functionality. Further innovations are now being made so as to bring down the costs. Research is on in full swing.  These bulbs can be pre-programmed and a simple feather touch can alter the settings. These are most convenient as chargers for mobile phones. The light can be scattered and made soft if filters coat the bulbs. The bulbs are great as brake lights. 

Xenon Upgrade Lighting

The driver gets quick signals and this means less road accidents. LCD television sets are now using xenon bulbs. For giving a kick to fast growth of indoor plants these bulbs are great. On the one hand it consumes very little wattage and on the other heat emission is low. Night vision is also greatly improved with these bulbs. The light is similar to daylight. As a result the driver does not get fatigued from driving during dark nights. The light spreads out to cover the entire road stretch including kerbs. This means more road safety. The driver is happy with these bulbs since the focus is much narrower and brighter than the other CFL types. As sidelights these bulbs are ideal. They are good for use in film projectors.  

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