Monday, December 22, 2014

Use LED Lights and Save Money This Holiday Season

Holiday season is fast approaching. We all are planning to decorate our homes with colorful lights. Holiday light decoration means higher electricity bills. 

But you can save money this festive season, How? Here we are sharing the secret:

Due to the higher living costs people are now searching for efficient options to light up their homes this season. They are opting for LED lights. These lights are durable and generate more light than traditional bulbs.

Instead of cutting back on decoration, you can choose these highly durable and energy saving LED lights to enjoy the festive week. While buying make sure to check the specification of the bulb, this way you can get an idea about the money you can save after choosing LED. A common box of LED light says that you can save about 88 percent on energy, and their lifespan is 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

LED Saves More Power than CFLs and Traditional Bulbs

When we talk about the power consumption, LED consume 10-12% of the power consumed by lighting bulb and about half the power consumed by the CFLs. Talking about their lifetime, compared to the light bulbs which lasts for hundreds of hours and CFLs which lasts for thousands of hours, the lifespan of  CFL is tens of thousands of hours.

The cost of LED lights can be seen high initially but in the long run based on their lifespan they are much more economical than the other options.

Make Your Surrounding Colorful With Colored Led Lights

Led lights not only come in white color but they are available in many different shades. Therefore these lights can be readily used for festive decoration. Not only they are durable but in the long run they are quite economical too therefore try them out this festive season.  Since they consume minimal electricity therefore you need not have to worry about their electricity consumption. They may be pricey initially but since they can work for the life time therefore they are extremely economical in the long run.

Led Televisions and Monitors

Unlike the old televisions which used the fluorescent bulbs and plasma for display, the latest ones use LED lights. There are many advantages of this. They consume way less electricity than the earlier televisions. LEDS are also capable of providing more clarity than its predecessors.

LED Flashlights 

LED flashlights are fast capturing the market of flashlights. There are lots of reasons for them becoming popular. They can work longer than their counterparts on the same sized batteries. They can easily endure high shocks and other resistance unlike their counter parts which can easily crack or break under shock. If handled properly the LED flashlights can last through your entire lifetime.

With the durability LED lights possess and the power they consume they are one of the best choices to use for lightning.