Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Headlamps – Halogen vs. Xenon vs. LED

Battle is on since a long time between different types of lights available for the headlamps of a vehicle. Halogen bulbs which are most commonly used to LED lights which can light up in very less time to Xenon lamps which are known for its power. This happens in every area where technology is used. New technology keeps making the existing one obsolete. And the lighting technology for vehicles is not exempt from this competition.

Halogen lamps have ruled the world of vehicle headlights since ages. Now it faces enough competition from other alternatives. Xenon lamps use Xenon gas to light up. These lights are extremely bright and give the driver a lot of advantage of viewing angle. Xenon lights are best in low beam because the brightness of these lights at high beam causes discomfort to the driver coming from opposite side and cause major accidents. Halogen lamps are losing the market because they aren’t as efficient as the Xenon lamps. Bi-xenon lamps are much more costlier than regular halogens but then they provide much more illumination as compared to halogens.

LED lights have also entered the market as a great alternative to halogens lights. But these LED lights aren’t as successful in replacing halogens from the market. LED needs very less power to work, so these are used highly in brake lights and parking lights. LEDs are also used as decorative lights and also to distinguish different brands of vehicles.

It is indeed very interesting to observer how a particular technology that was non-existing few years works its way into the market.


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