Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Different types of lights – battling for headlights

For most of us, our cars are our status symbol. They define the kind of lifestyle that we follow. They also define our status in society. So, for these reasons a fancy car means a lot to most of us. The question is what makes a care fancy? There are a number of things – speed, engine, looks, space, body, style and many other factors. One of the most important of these is looks and style. And lights play an important role in defining the style of a car. 

Many types of fancy LED lights are used as decoration on the cars. These are also used to distinguish one brand from the other. Decoration is only a part of usage of LED bulbs, the main use of lights in the headlamps. Halogen lamps are the commonest of the headlamps but they are soon being replaced by Xenon bulbs and LED bulbs. Xenon headlights are known to generate a lot of light and the lamp contains Xenon gas. These are much more efficient than the Halogen lamps and can reduce the accidents to a great extent because the amount of light it can generate. The only negative point is that they also produce a lot of glare, which can disturb the driver coming from the opposite side.

LED lights are usually used as brake lights or parking lights. They do not produce enough light to be the headlamps, but the biggest advantage of LED is that they need very low power to work and these do not generate much heat.

Choose the kind of headlamps you would prefer for your car, depending on the usage of your car.


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