Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Confusion over headlamps – Xenon or Halogens

Lewis lives in London and is owner of brand new SUV. He has always wanted to buy a big car so that he can go on long rides. Now, he has one. He wants to roam around a lot in that car and go for safari rides; go for really long trips on the mountains and beaches. But there is one thing that worries him. He had heard a lot about the new Xenon lights are available today and which give much better visibility than the current halogen lights. 

Confused as Lewis was, he decided to get himself educated on this. His SUV came with
Xenon Headlight Bulbshalogen bulbs, about which the salesman mentioned that these cheap and easy to replace and more over the life of halogen bulbs is really high. He believed him but now hearing about xenon lights, he was just curious so he hit the car workshops to understand the difference.

He was told what salesman told him was not wrong. Halogens are cheap and live longer. What he was not told was halogen also waste a lot of energy and is not efficient. Producing a lot of heat while incandescing, it loses all that heat thus leading to wastage of energy and more fuel consumption. He was advised to change the headlamps of his SUV to xenon. When he asked why, he was given a very clear reason – to save your fuel consumption and hence to save the environment.

Understanding the difference, Lewis did not make a second thought before replacing the halogens with the xenon lights.


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