Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pay attention to head lamps

While buying a car, all of us look at the basic things – power of the engine, speed, number of gears etc. Do we pay enough attention to one of the most important parts of a car which is the head lamps? Head lights are important because safety of the driver and the passengers depend a big deal on them. If head lights do not provide a good visibility, not only the driving experience is bad but even the safety is compromised. Very bright lights can also lead to fatal accidents since they cause issue for the drivers coming from the opposite end.

Led Car Bulbs

Various options for the head lights having been raging a war on each other since a few years now. Halogen lights which are the most popular and inexpensive aren’t really efficient and thus cause a lot of fuel wastage. Xenon Headlight bulbs are a bit more expensive than halogens but give an amazing bright light. At the same time, it also causes the danger to the vehicle driving from the other end. These are more efficient than halogens but are less popular because of the new technology and high cost. There is the third category of light which LED. These have not made their path all the way up to head lamps. Because quick response and sharp lights, these are used as braking lights and day parking lights. LED’s are most commonly used as decorative lights on different brands of cars.

So, here you see the real battle of lights in terms of efficiency, cost and power.


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