Friday, July 16, 2010

HID conversion Kits

HID conversion kits allow you to convert standard halogen headlight to a far more superior performance HID Xenon, high quality, purpose made bulbs with metal holders that are designed to produce perfect focus for your car or bike. If you want brighter and better headlights for your vehicle, you have a choice to Upgrade to Xenon Bulbs with the help of Xenon HID Conversion Kits .

These are available at some good authorized Auto-led shops. It is also in your best interest to increase visibility and make your vehicle safer by upgrading it's headlights. There are various reasons or lets say advantages of HID headlights. Some of the obvious reasons why people prefer HID lights are brightness, better visibility looks and longevity. The main advantage of xenon lights over halogen lights are decreased heat output and extended bulb life Xenon bulbs last longer than halogen bulbs. A good quality halogen bulb lasts an average of 2,000 hours, which calculates to five or six hours a day over the course of one year. Xenon bulbs last an average of 2 and1/2 times as long, or about 5,000 hours.

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