Monday, October 6, 2014

What Are The Differences Between LED And HID Conversion Kits? Read Here

HID conversion kits has been the only decent option for about 10 years when it comes to replacing your car headlights with something brighter and stylish but since the introduction  of LED technology or we will better say LED conversion kits, the choice of customers has changed a lot. Now most of the automobile owners are opting for LED headlights. 

Have a look at these major differences between these two technologies being used widely:

HID bulbs have different power levels and slow warm-up time while LED bulbs have fast warm-up time.

LED bulbs last 15 times longer than HID’s which make them durable alternative.

The selection largely depends on your requirements as both (HID and LED) have their own pros and cons. LED’s are available in limited colors and if you are looking for more colors, HID bulbs should be your priority. 

HID bulbs take 4 to 15 seconds to fully warm-up while LED bulbs require no warm-up time.

Single beam LED and HID kits are equally plug_and_play while dual beam LED kits are way easier to install. Just like its single beam counterpart, LED dual beam kit is “instant on”.

A lot of people complain about the heat generated by HID’s while with LED’s the generated heat is just half of that generated by HID.

LED bulbs are way more durable than HID bulbs. It might be possible that in near future we will see LED lights which generate far more lumens than HID lights.

HID conversion kits are brighter and are available in more colors but LED lights have their own advantages. So at the end the decision totally revolves around your budget and requirements. 

Replacing your car headlight from these modern options is a wise decision as it will offer you more safety, more visibility and amazing driving experience.

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