Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Find The Right LED Bulb for Your Car in Just 3 steps

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it.

Soviet inventor Oleg Losev reported the creation of the first LED in 1927 but no practical use was made of the discovery for several decades.

LEDs are at the forefront of the new trend in lighting technology. They are highly efficient with energy-saving benefits when used around the home. 

LEDs are also used in applications as diverse as aviation lighting, automotive headlamps, traffic signals and camera flashes. 

So Why Choose LED?

LED light bulbs are super-efficient. While in use they reduce energy consumption significantly thus reducing your electricity bills. LED bulbs only use 10% of the electricity that other bulbs were using before to provide the same amount of light, meaning they also last longer. 

While you are saving on your electricity bill, you are also reducing your carbon footprint. Electricity is usually produced by burning fossil fuels which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By using less electricity with LED bulbs, you use less fossil fuel.

80% of energy for electricity is wasted on heat. LED bulbs are known for their cold lighting because they utilise up to 90% of energy provided.

To sum up:
•    Highly efficient
•    Reduce electricity bills
•    Environmental benefits
•    Long lasting

We are the market leader in LED upgrade bulbs, and we have experience and expertise in the automotive lighting sector for over 5 years. We aim to bring you the latest and brightest LED bulbs of the highest quality at competitive prices.

On the homepage of our website, you can find the correct LED bulb for your car in three simple steps:

You can upgrade all of your lights, some of them or just one of them if you have upgraded already.

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