Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why LED Light Bulbs Are Smart Investments?

It’s no more a secret that LED or Light Emitting Diodes are ruling the lighting industry and will be the future of lighting. Tests on LED lighting have always been able to prove that they can save more than 65% of energy consumption and for a better output. LEDs further don’t generate any form of heat in the process and are also considered to be Eco-friendly alternatives. There are several reasons that make LED’s a smarter investment than other lighting alternatives.

1. Longer Life

LEDs present the advantage of having the longest life. Their operational life expectation can be a monstrous 100,000 hours. This is actually more than 11 years of continuous operation, 22 years if you use 50% if its capacity every day. It will basically take you a lifetime before you would need to change your LED fixture.

2. Energy efficient 

Compared to conventional CFL, LEDs can save more than 80% on illumination. Incandescent bulbs on the other hand, just use 20% of the energy to produce light and the rest is wasted in other forms. Consequently, you would be saving more with an LED light. The savings can be further multiplied with the longer life span of the bulbs. 

3. Durability

LED lights are built with highly sturdy components that will be able to withstand even the most rugged environmental conditions and rough usage. LED lights are made to be shock resistant and thus make a great choice for outdoor lighting. 

4. Flexibility Of Design

LED bulbs can be molded into any shape, either to match a décor or offer a better spread of the light. Individual lights can also be integrated with dynamic controls that adjust the brightness, distribution and color. Well designed bulbs can create great lighting arrangement, not just for the space but also for your mood. 

5. Operational In Extreme Temperatures

Be it a desert or the Polar Regions, LEDs can work in any condition without any affect on the quality of illumination. Consequently, they are used in outdoor settings against elements like wind, snow, rain and dust. 

6. Instant Lighting

Opposed to CFL systems, LEDs light up quickly presenting a thorough illumination. This is the reason they have found high demands in the street lights, infrastructure projects and signal lighting. Also, frequent switching off and on doesn’t quite affect the lifetime of the bulb. 

7. Works In Low Voltage

Since LED lights use 80% (or more) of the electricity that is passed through it, it can provide sufficient illumination even during low voltage conditions. Many people actually connect LED bulbs to solar power sources to light up spaces. 

8. Light Focus

LEDs have been designed to concentrate the light into a small region of the bulb, and offer a stronger beam. This is why LED illumination is being increasingly used in the automobile industry. Directional lighting makes LED a great choice over traditional halogens in this case. 

9. Eco Friendly

Last but not the least; LED lights are highly eco friendly. The bulbs are free of any kind of toxic chemicals that might ruin a landfill. On the other hand, conventional fluorescent bulbs contain substantial amounts of mercury that can be disastrous for the environment. Led lights are 100% recyclable and helps reduce the carbon footprints for both home and commercial spaces. The longer operational life of the bulbs also meant that it can save a lot in material and production. 


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