Friday, July 31, 2015

Checking External Lighting

Sometimes when you get home from work, it’s late, gloomy and dark. And so you switch on the lights in your home to see where you are going and to see the room. Exterior car lights have the same purpose – to see the direction and to see all around. Without these lights, you will be driving into danger. Even if one light is out, it can make all of the difference to your safety and comfort. When the time comes to replace or upgrade a light bulb, it is easy to leave it until tomorrow or the next weekend, but just like replacing a bulb in the home, you need to replace a bulb in your car as soon as possible. Driving with one headlight on in the dark may confuse motorists into thinking a motorcycle is approaching, not a 1.5 ton car.

If your headlights fail while driving in darkness, try using the light from sidelights or following the tail lights of another vehicle until you reach somewhere safe you can assess your situation.

Brake gently and try the dip switch. You may get lucky and still have a full or dip beam available if one or the other fails. Also try your light switch; sometimes a bad connection causes a temporary fault so turn it on and off a few times to see if anything happens.

If nothing happens and you are still without lights, pull off the road where possible and park safely. Switch your hazard lights or indicators on to make other drivers aware of your presence. They are very unlikely to see you unless you do this.  

It is recommended that you check your car lights on a weekly basis. Have someone with you to stand in front and behind your car while you test each and every light. Any light that does not illuminate will need to be replaced.

Finding the bulb that needs replacement will be easy. Auto LED Shop has the highest quality car light bulbs at competitive prices. If you are not sure as to which bulb you need, you can use the Find Your Matching Bulbs form on our website.


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