Friday, April 4, 2014

Why you should install HID headlamps?

In brief we can say that you should install them for more visibility, durability and safety. Well now let’s discuss about the various aspects of these headlights and get to know the answers of the above mentioned title. It is a common perception that all the HID headlamps use xenon but it is not at all true. Some of them use mercury, sodium and other metal halides. With the advancements being made continually in technology, more and more options are coming up almost every day. 

I have seen a lot of drivers who drive their vehicles on the rough patches; they drive in the areas where visibility is almost zero. Despite of all these things they are still stuck with the traditional lamps. Although you can find them talking about the latest car accessories but unfortunately many of them might not even think for a single second about the purchase of these latest car accessories as they overlook the importance of good headlights. This one important accessory of your car makes your drive safer and trouble free. 

HID headlights have emerged as a solid alternative to traditional headlamps. The demand of these headlamps is high and the reasons are obvious. They generate more light and offer great driving experience. BMW 7 series was the first car in which manufacturers used these headlamps. After that several car companies started using these headlamps.  

Well we won’t unfold the pages of history here or we are not going to discuss about the working of HID lamps.

As compared to halogen lamps, the amount of light produced by HID lamps is just double. According to manufactures the operational life of HID headlamps is 2000 hours in normal condition. Isn’t it amazing?

At the end I would like to add here that if you are looking for a solution which can fulfill your needs like better visibility, safe driving and durability then installing HID lamps is wise decision. 


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